Alexa Traffic – Basic 2500


  • 2,500 Visitors
  • Real Human Traffic
  • 100% Alexa Traffic
  • Monitor Stats
  • Full Size Pageviews
  • Email Support
  • Easy, Quick, Simple


Give a huge boost to your website traffic. Max Visits delivers targeted traffic from 45 countries for as little as $1 per 1,000 visitors. Get ready for a steady flow of new customers.

Our Alexa traffic service will help your website acquire a higher Alexa ranking. At present Google takes into consideration your Alexa ranking when identifying which place your website should be in. The lower your Alexa rank the more points Google gives your site. Alexa ranking is a significant factor in your overall sites value and is an indicator of just how well-known a web page is. So sign up now and enhance your online exposure and credibility.

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