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How Moms Can Earn Money Selling Products on Their Blogs

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Parenting blogs can be big business but only if you have a reliable source of income. The best source of monetization for any blog owner is to have a product to sell. While other forms are fine, let’s understand why they are less reliable.

Unreliable Forms of Monetization

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are great to learn how to work with and represent a brand, but prospective clients don’t want to see too many of these on your blog (20% sponsored to 80% unsponsored is considered “good”), nor do they want to see competitor posts. Sponsored posts also might not bring a great return on your time investment. If a client pays you $100, and you spend five hours working on that project, from product purchase to edited pinnable post, you are only making $20 per hour. The effort may not be worth the payment.

Affiliate Links and Ads

These seem like easy passive income, but the rules can changes for search engines, social media/video, FTC requirements, email marketing and your affiliate organization may be challenging. You need to keep up with those and keep in mind when your links expire. And remember, that visitors and brands do view this as sponsorship. It also generally takes a very large audience (100,000 page views) to make more than a few dollars per post.

With ad space, it’s difficult to attract prospective clients for advertising out of the box, particularly when affiliate advertising is available for bigger brands. Finally, keep in mind that your blog itself is vulnerable. Even if you have good ad revenue, an unexpected disaster can prevent you from earning.

Freelance Blogging

I recommend you do this, if you want to be a writer. However, these projects can be time consuming and can drain you. Personally, I do not book more than 8 of these per month because it’s very difficult to produce quality content if I have too many writing projects.

Why Products Are The Hot New Trend

While you do not have to give up projects like these, selling your own products will provide a better income source. Here are the benefits: