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Wiki Backlinks and What they can do for your Business

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Wiki Backlinks and What they can do for your Business

In case you are into SEO or have just gain an interest in this field, you may have heard about wiki backlinks. Wiki backlinks are often confused by article directories, but that’s not the case. These powerful websites provide user generated content (such as Wikipedia) and Google values them a lot. Having wiki backlinks pointing towards your website is a huge benefit because Google will automatically place your links above competitors without, on a better position.

Benefits of Wiki Backlinks:

Apart from serp (search engine page rank) benefits, utilizing wiki backlinks also results in increasing the domain and page authority. Domain and page authority are the stats set by MOZ to evaluate a website and it is possible that Google also considers the MOZ factors to position a website, however there isn’t any verifiable proof of this statement.

Professional search engine optimizers are totally aware of the value these wiki backlinks provide to the website and therefore use them as tier 1 backlinks. Like I mentioned above, wiki backlinks shouldn’t be confused by bookmarking, directories, or comments and so forth in all major SEO software like GSA search engine ranker; they have added a separate menu for them.

Our Services:

We provide 3 types of different packages for wiki backlinks and all our links are filtered down to the most quality and relevant websites according to your niche. Most importantly, all our links are Google-friendly, so there’s no need to worry about getting banned or sandboxed. Check out our packages below:

  1. Basic 2000: This package is best suitable for new websites and those who are targeting low competition keywords. 2000 quality links package is more than enough give your website a good position on Google. You may order this package again in the future to further increase your rankings.


  1. Professional 4000: If you are targeting medium competition keywords, this package is for you. This packaged is packed with the best types of websites for wiki backlinks and you will definitely observe increase in your rankings over a short period of time.


  1. Business 10000: This package comes with some extra benefits. First of all, if you are targeting keywords with very high volume, high difficulty and competition, you need to order this package. Also the price has been dropped from $200 to $140, so that it becomes more affordable for you. The quality these backlinks provide is way more than the price, but we care more about gaining permanent customers instead of money.



Buying wiki backlinks to increase your ranking in Google and other search engines is a great strategy that works every time. So go ahead and give our service a chance and you will be amazed by the results.